Contract Brewery in Illinois (Midwest)

Canopolis (i.e., the metropolis of contract brewing & canning) was founded by, is operated by, and is a division of DESTIHL® Brewery.  Canopolis is housed in DESTIHL‘s large destination production facility, centrally located in the U.S./Midwest, in Normal, Illinois, at the intersection of three Interstates (I-39, I-55, & I-74) between Chicago and St. Louis.

Our award-winning brewery features a 60-barrel brewhouse (including a 6000#-capacity mash tun, 60-barrel primary brew kettle, a double-batch/120-barrel brew kettle, both with external calandrias, a 60-barrel dedicated sour kettle, and whirlpool vessel), all capable of producing and growing to over 150,000 barrels annually as currently configured, along with a 10-barrel pilot brewhouse to help dial in recipe adjustments prior to full-scale production if needed, over 3,200 BBLs of fermentation & cellar tanks (ranging in size from 10, 30, 60, 120 and 240bbls) for over 60,000bbls in annualized capacity at present and growing, gentle Chain-vey grain handling, RMS 4-roller mill, centrifuge equipment, a canning line for filling either 12oz, 16oz or 19.2oz cans (including a 24-valve, 4-seamer CFT rotary filler/seamer featuring double evacuation & counterpressure filling, plus date coding, ionized air can rinsing, Filtec gamma-ray fill inspector/rejecter, a high-speed pressure sensitive P.E. labeler, iPak tray former for automated/glued trays, Craft-Pak applicator for applying 4 & 6-pack handles, hi-res seam inspection equipment and a Climax CanDo C3 4-lane cartoner with 4, 6, 8 and 12-pack capabilities for either single flavor cartons or up to 4-flavor variety packs), Comac keg washer/filler, cold storage for short-term storage of finished product before shipping, and a full-time lab providing quality control services such as sensory panels and lab testing equipment for dissolved oxygen & CO2 levels, yeast viability/cell counts, PCR tests and plating for various beer spoiler microbes, ABV, VDK, forced fermentations, ATP swabbing, etc.

Canopolis primarily offers the production and packaging of beer and hard seltzer, with limited capacities available for sparkling wine, hard cider, mead and other potential beverages. More capabilities, products, and services will continue to be added.

From flexible scheduling and raw material sourcing to packaging, we can work with you to find the optimal arrangement to get you what you need to grow your business in and with Canopolis without the capital required for a physical plant and production staff.

Our minimum batch size for contract production is 60 barrels, and our minimum annual commitment is currently 1,500 barrels, with preference given for more significant commitments.  Due to increasing industry demands, we work exclusively with established, licensed breweries and beverage businesses to help them scale up existing packaged products. Unfortunately, we cannot contract brew for start-up companies at this time.

Contact us today using the inquiry form on the Canopolis website linked above or directly linked here so we can learn more about your contract brewing needs.

Greenbriar Drive 1200
Normal 61761 IL US
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Minimum Batch Size (BBL): 60
Minimum Order Size (BBL): 60
Minimum Annual Commitment (BBL): 1500
Packaging capabilities:
Canning - 12 oz
Canning - 16 oz