Hermitage Brewing Company

Award winning craft brewery in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Hermitage Brewing Company is an award winning, local, craft brewery in San Jose, CA.  Gathering awards from multiple contests like the California State Fair, World Beer Cup as well as the Great American Beer Festival.  Our brewery equipment includes:

  • 25 bbl JVNW fired brewhouse w/Infusion Mash Tun, Steam Fired Kettle w/Internal Calandria and WP Fermentation Cellar w/25 bbl, 50 bbl and 100 bbl fermenters
  • Clarification by GEA Centrifuge w/Pad Filtration also available
  • Also dedicated sour cellar for barrel aging sour beers

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Minimum Batch Size (BBL): 25
Minimum Order Size (BBL): 25
Minimum Annual Commitment (BBL): 25
Maximum Annual Capacity (BBL): 12000
Packaging capabilities:
Bottling - 12 oz Heritage
Bottling - 12 oz Longneck
Bottling - 22 oz
Canning - 12 oz
Canning - 16 oz
South 7th Street 1627
San Jose 95112 CA US
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