Lift Bridge Brewing Co.

Stillwater, MN / New Richmond, WI

Two separate locations with the following brewing and packaging capabilities:

First location has a 2 Vessel 15 bbl NSI Brewhouse, GEA Centrifuge with lenticular filter option.

  • 11 – 30bbl fermenters , 4 – 60 bbl fermenters, Wild Goose can line(12oz and 16oz standard), automated case packing with 6 pack, 12 pack and variety pack capabilities, bottling, pallet shrink wrapping and M & F keg line.
  • Ales, lagers, barrel aging and limited soda production available.
  • 30 and 60 bbl batch sizes available.
  • Lab analytics available.
  • 5 bbl pilot brewing.

The Second location has hard seltzer and liquor blending capabilities, GEA centrifuge, GEA membrane filter for vodka grade seltzer base.

  • 3 – 120 bbl blending tanks with agitators
  • 1 – 60bbl brite tank, flash pasteurization, high speed can line for 12oz sleek, 12oz standard and 16 oz. standard, nitrogen doser, case shrink wrapping, pallet shrink wrapping and keg line.
  • 1650 case batch sizes
  • RTD cocktails, Hard Seltzers, THC beverages, coffee beverages and seltzer waters.
  • Lab analytics available.
  • Full scale project development which includes recipe development, test batching, ingredient sourcing, in house graphic design, printed and sleeved can sourcing, carton design and sourcing.
  • 15 years in the industry.
  • Award winning beer and seltzer
Stillwater 55082 MN US
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Minimum Batch Size (BBL): 30
Minimum Order Size (BBL): 30
Packaging capabilities:
Canning - 12 oz
Canning - 16 oz
Additional beverages brewed:
Hard Seltzer
Hard Root Beer
Cold Brew Coffee
CBD Products