Seismic Brewing Co

Award-winning brewery available for contract brewing

Brewing equipment includes:
• 60 BBL 4-vessel brewhouse

o Kunzel 4-roll mill with Chain Vey conveyance
o Heated Mash Tun for step mashing
o Traditional Lauter Tun
o Steam Kettle with Internal Colandria and Steam Condenser
o Whirlpool

• 60 and 120 BBL fermenters
• Alpha Laval Brew 250 Plus Centrifuge
• Deaerated Water System
• Comac Washer/Filler Keg Line
• Comac 8-1 Rotary Counterpressure Can Line

o Full Depal with Ionized Air Can Rinsing
o Filtec Liquid Level X-Ray
o VideoJet Date and Batch Coder
o Standard 202 Can Sizes in 12oz and 16oz
o Paktech Applicator with 4, 6, and 8 packs
o Cartonizer for 12oz 6pack and 12pack cartons

• QA/QC program

o Water Testing
o Sensory analysis
o Yeast Density and Viability
o Color
o Alcohol
o Anton Parr CBOX for DO and CO2
o Can piercer for package DO and CO2
o CMC Kunke Seamscan Seam Analysis
o Invisible Sentinel PCR micro testing

• Cold Storage for short-term storage before shipping

Simple pricing structure is pass through cost on all raw materials and packaging materials with added production fee. This will cover all recipe scaling, cost estimates, materials acquisition, brewing/cellaring, yeast management, centrifugation, QA/QC analysis, and packaging in either can or keg at your desired packaging split.

We have a minimum batch size of 60BBLs. Looking for partners to be at least 720BBL annual volume. Price break incentives for larger annual volumes available. If you are interested please contact us @ 707-780-7613 by call or text for more details and questions. Cheers!

Whiskey distillation: 

We are also looking for contract whiskey distillation partners. We have the equipment to create high gravity/high ABV malted barley and wheat washes without all the problems that come with fermentation on the grain.

We can either ship you wash with yeast pitched for you to finish fermentation or fermented liquid with yeast removed for the cleanest single malt whiskeys.

Dutton Avenue 2930
Santa Rosa 95407 CA US
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Minimum Order Size (BBL): 60
Maximum Annual Capacity (BBL): 720
Packaging capabilities:
Canning - 16 oz
Additional beverages brewed:
Hard Cider